Natural Remedies for Stress

Natural remedies for stress are common sense things that you can do for yourself to “Let Off Steam” when the pressure gets to be too much to deal with.In today’s society; we are all in such a rush and overloaded with all that we have to get accomplished. When you are stresses your muscles tighten up and can lead to cramping. Try taking magnesium to relax the muscles.Melatonin helps you to relax and get a good nights sleep so you can cope with the next days’ stress better.

Work on your attitude. I try to think “Will this matter a year from now?” If you work on thinking positive, you can gain a completely different perspective on any situation.

Try not to dwell on an annoying stressor. Think about something else. Try to immerse yourself in the project at hand and nothing else.

If all else fails; go out to your car, field or some other secluded place and SCREAM. Go ahead- get it all out of your system with a great big SNIT and tantrum. It feels so good to just let it all go!!!

Massage your stiff muscles. Wiggle your toes if you have to sit. Do neck rolls to release the tension and wiggle your shoulders. This is very relaxing.

Count to 10, look away in another direction, take several deep breaths, stretch your chest, arms, and legs to relax all over. Get up and move around.

Take a hot bubble bath to pamper yourself and feel good.

Listen to relaxation tapes  or tune in to your favorite music and sing along. You will be surprised how the stress just melts away.

Chamomile is a gentle relaxant. Kava kava relaxes the mind and body. Dong quai helps the kidneys adrenal glands and the central nervous system which are all disrupted by stress.

Valerian helps the nervous system form being overwhelmed by stress.

I hope these hatural remedies for stress will help you.

Take vitamin “C” Stress depletes the body of this needed nutrient.

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