Liver Herbal Remedies

Liver herbal remedies are far more prevelent than medical prescriptions for helping people with these problems.  The liver is an amazing organ. One quarter can be removed and it will regrow itself. It is the largest gland in the body;weighing about four pounds. Dandelion is about the best natural help for liver problems. The green leaves can be eaten as a vegetable or you can buy capsules and tinctures at a health food store.

Milk Thistle has been consumed for a few thousand years. The three major problems are alcohol, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Milk thistle helps all of these maladies. It can even help a healrhy liver remove toxins from your body.

Schisandra is a strong protectant of the liver. You can look for the dried berries in health food stores.

Dang-quai or Chinese Angelica helps mprotect the liver by assisting it to use more oxygen. Also is noted to give assistance to women’s health. The chinese use it for treating cirrhosis.

Javanese turmeric is reputedly favored to treat jaundice and gallstones. This is a yellow root that can be found in asian markets.

Licorice root helps protect from many  chemicals. It is used to help with hepatitis. Can be found as extracts in health food stores.

Ginger and turmeric both are very good for the liver. You may find these in your spice rack. These both have quite a few protecting compounds.

Foods that are helpful are: almonds, brewers yeast,bananas,molasses,kelp,prunes,raisins,rice and wheat bran.These are all high in potassium.

Drink plenty of water and avoid constipating foods. The liver has to work overtime when you are constipated.

Don’t smoke,avoid alcohol,coffee, fish,fowl,meat, sodas,sugar,tea,spicy or fried foods. Try a juice 3 day juice fast.

Eat beans , legumes, and seeds as they contain amino acid. Also good for you are green,leafy veggies and alfalfa sprouts.

I hope some of these liver herbal remedies are a help to you.

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