Herpes Herbal Remedies

There are quite a few herpes herbal remedies that will help you ease the pain and get over an outbreak sooner.  There are four different types of  the herpes virus. Zoster causes chickenpox and shingles. Epstein-Barr causes infectious mononeucleosis. Herpes simplex type 1 which causes cold sores; and herpes simplex 2 which causes genital herpes.

Some good herbal remedies are applying black walnut or goldenseal extract to the affected area.  Treatments should also include cayenne pepper, echinacea, myrrh,red clover, and St. Johnswort.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is very powerful. During an outbreak;apply 2-3 times a day. Make sure not to get tea tree oil near your eyes.

Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic and can be taken in capsule form or as a tea. Make sure you don’t take goldenseal internally for more than a week at a time. Do not use if you are pregnant or allergic to ragweed.

Licorice root slows the growth and cell damaging effects of herpes. If you use licorice root, increase your potassium intake. Do not use this if you have high blood pressure; and never for more than a week at a time.

Lemon balm also known as melissa  is said to be the best help of anything available. You can drink the tea , or apply the tea bag directly to the open sores.

Garlic is a very strong antibiotic. When you have an outbreak, you should eat plenty to strengthen your body.

Some fruits that are very good to help you are: Star Fruit, papaya, grapefruit, apricots, pears, apples, and figs. Pear juice has been said to be the best choice of all the juices.

Lysine is taken at the first signs of an outbreak because it is said to suppress viral replication. You can get twice the effect by eating a cup of beans.

Aromatherapists say that mixing lemon and geranium oils or eucalyptus and bergamot can be helpful if applied at the first signs of a breakout.

I hope you will find these suggestions for herpes herbal remedies helpful .

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