Herbal Sinus Remedies

Many people turn to herbal sinus remedies to combat sinus infections and discomfort due to a variety of reasons. While some people never have any difficulty with their sinuses until they get a cold or other respiratory illness, other people suffer with some type of sinus difficulty on an ongoing basis. This may be due to allergies or other problems but most people don’t want to have to take decongestants or other medication for sinuses on a regular basis.

Many sinus problems stem from the fact that, for whatever reason, the nasal passages don’t drain properly and sinus headache, pressure, and inflammation can result. When this happens, many individuals turn to herbal sinus remedies to relieve the discomfort, pain, and pressure.

While there are a variety of herbs that can be effective in reducing the symptoms of inflamed sinuses, eucalyptus continues to be one of the most popular ones. Even major manufacturers use eucalyptus in their over the counter sinus remedies. For example, Vicks® VapoRub contains eucalyptus oil but many people don’t think of it as an herbal remedy because it is on the store shelves and has been for years.

It really is fascinating when you begin to carefully read the labels of products you have used for years. You may be surprised to see how many herbs are contained in over the counter medications you swear by. Having the herbs on hand all the time in the form of essential oils, leaves, teas, and other forms would ensure you are prepared for almost anything.

Next time you are in the cold medicine aisle at the grocery or drug store, look to see how many cold and sinus remedies contain herbs. That’s not to say that herbs on their own will cure any malady you may have but it is a strong testament to how powerful and healing herbs are when you realize they are in name brand products all around us. The next time you have sinus discomfort, consider what herbal sinus remedies may be available to you.

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