Herbal Remedy for Insect Bites

Did you know that you can actually use herbal remedy in case a wary insect happens to attack you? Whether you are an explorer or a simple homebody person, you are not safe from being bitten and attacked by various insects.
And although insects are small in size and might even be “cute” in appearance, you must not take them lightly as they can actually cause so much more than you expect. Perhaps you have heard deadly bee stings in news reports already. Now that’s only one way that an insect can harm you. You can even just have a contact with some of them and your body will immediately have allergic reaction.

Different insect bites are simply treated at home, most especially with kitchen items such as vinegar. Although this treatment is indeed effective in most cases, the acid in vinegar could not solve all insect bites. But don’t fret just yet, because you can still use home treatments, such as herbal remedy. All you will have to do is to apply particular herbs on the affected skin area, or ingest them if necessary.

The Herba Taraxaci is one example of an herbal remedy that you can use. It has antibacterial properties that will surely cleanse the sustained wound of all possible venom traces to prevent damages on your health. Also, it removes other impurities to prevent further emergence of infection. The Herba Scutellariae Barbatae is also a good herb for insect bites as it has certain alcohol contents that would be helpful in cleansing the wound. And it is also a diuretic, which will induce a good over-all body cleansing in case the insect bites have dangerous and fatal poisons. If you weren’t able to identify the type of insect that bit, then it would be best if you use a broad spectrum antibacterial herb such as the Fructus Forsythiae. This herb also has alcohol content which is helpful in cleansing and reducing inflammatory effects on wounds. It also has diuretic properties to help in cleaning the entire body system.

Just remember that if you believe the insect that attacked is poisonous, then these herbs are merely first aid solutions. You will still need to go the hospital or clinic to have your wound check for further traces of poison. Otherwise, if the insect the bit you are non-harmful, then an herbal remedy might be enough.

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