Herbal Remedies For Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious at some time or another and herbal remedies for anxiety can provide calming relief without having to resort to addictive or expensive medication. Of course, there are serious anxiety disorders and if you believe you may be suffering from one of those then you should certainly consult with your healthcare provider. In the meantime, just enjoying a cup of calming herbal tea can work wonders for your overall level of well being and peace of mind.

People feel anxious for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, there appears to be no relevant cause or trigger; for some reason, anxiety suddenly appears. Other times, there is a specific reason for the anxious feeling but either way, it is not pleasant and most of us want that unpleasant feeling to go away as quickly as possible. While herbal remedies for anxiety may work differently for different people, many people have experimented with various herbs and have come to rely on certain ones that have a calming effect.

Many people use the herb kava to relieve anxiety and also for insomnia. It is widely available in several forms, including tablet, capsule, tea, and liquid. When using essential oils to help relieve anxiety, look for orange, roman chamomile, and lavender. You can add these oils to tea or use them in a diffuser if you like. Many people drink a cup of calming herbal tea as a matter of routine before turning in at night because of the sedative powers of some of the herbs. Others look to specific herbs that have a calming effect only when they are feeling particularly anxious.

Using herbs can be a great way to ease anxiety and relax. It is important, however, to read the labels as some herbs can interact with medication you may be taking. Do your research and you will discover that there are more than a few herbal remedies for anxiety that you may wish to try.

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