Herbal Remedies for Acne

There are several herbal remedies for acne that have produced clear results. Among them are a variety of essential oils, including lavender, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, rosewood, eucalyptus radiate, and clove. You may want to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed oil or olive oil in order to avoid drying out the skin. You’ll only want to mix a small amount at a time, though, because once you combine the essential oils with the carrier oils, their shelf life becomes considerably shortened.

People from all ages and backgrounds suffer from acne. There are several things that contribute to the condition and it may be difficult to trace your acne to one single source. Hormone imbalances are often the culprit as are stress, chemical irritants, and poor diet. Even excess makeup or makeup that is especially greasy can produce acne. Fortunately, there are several herbal remedies for acne that can provide relief.

Many people have had success using pure aloe vera gel to combat acne. You can either buy the gel or keep an aloe vera plant around. If you do purchase the gel, however, do be sure that it is 100% pure aloe vera gel. This is far different from buying a product that has a minute amount of aloe added to it. While a lot of people use aloe vera gel for sunburns and skin abrasions, many people swear by it as an effective treatment for acne as well.

Jojoba Oil works to combat excess sebum. Since too much sebum produces acne, decreasing the amount of sebum is an effective remedy for getting to the root of the acne problem. Also, be sure and drink plenty of water. Water is the most natural substance for fighting acne and it will help to keep your skin hydrated. By drinking plenty of water and making good use of one or more of the herbal remedies for acne, you should see a major improvement in your skin.

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