Herbal Remedies Cough

The common cold has quite a few herbal remedies. Cough and colds generally go together as the cough is a signal that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.
Eucalyptus oil is helpful for relieving congestion. You can use 5-6 drops in a bath or 6 drops in a cup of steaming water and inhale the steam.
Fenu-Thyme is an herbal remedy that relieves nasal congestionand available at most health food stores.
For relief for a sore throat, use 5-6 drops of Tea Tree Oil for a gargle.
At the first sign of a cold use echinacea and goldenseal together to boost your immune system. Every time I use this; the cold lasts only 2 days and is very mild.
Some herbs that are helpful for coughs include: Coltsfoot,Elderberry,Ginger,Lemon, Licorice,Slippery Elm, Anise, Burnet-Saxifrage, Marsh mallow, Mullein, Primrose, Stinging Nettle, and Sundew.
If the herbal remedies are used for a few days and the cough doesn’t relieve itself; see your doctor,as you may need antibiotics to get over the cold.
You may find some relief with herbal remedies.Cough and sore throat that persists for more than a week may have turned to bronchitis.
It starts with a tickle in the back of your throat, a scratching in the throat, then suddenly the cough and hacking starts from deep inside of your lungs.
Stop smoking if you have chronic colds and bronchitis.Stay away from people that do also. If you inhale smoke from someone else; you can still get bronchitis. Your lungs will thank you for this.
Your colds and bronchitis will cease being as severe; therefore you will feel better faster.
Get plenty of rest so your immune system will stay strong and you won’t get as sick with the coughing.
Run a humidifier all night long. Take a towel and make a tent over the lavatory sink to breathe in steam to loosen the phlegm in your lungs. This will relieve the tightness in your chest. Sleep with 3-4 pillows so you are elevated to breathe easier with a cough.
For relief use the herbal remedies. Cough and colds go with winter just as summer goes with sunshine.

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