Herbal Home Remedies

For many people who subscribe to herbal home remedies their medicine cabinet consists of herbs, essential oils, and plain old fashioned home remedies that may have been passed down through the generations. They use these remedies when they become ill, get sunburned, and when their children scrape their knees. They may go to the doctor if they have to but they are able to take care of small incidents and maladies using their own brand of medicine.

While not approved by the FDA, many herbs have healing properties and people use them every day for a variety of ailments and conditions. There are several herbs, such as eucalyptus, that individuals use when they have a cold or sinus trouble because it aids in decongestion. Other herbs are used in various forms to soothe away muscle aches and strains. Peppermint oil feels wonderful when you have achy muscles and it warms to a soothing level when applied right on your skin.

Not all essential oils can or should be applied to the skin so when you are looking for herbal home remedies make sure that anything you apply directly on the skin is safe to do so. Many herbs are made into teas and some people prefer to diffuse herbs. In addition, many people bathe with herbs and use herbs for aromatherapy.

You can find a wide variety of herbs and mixtures on the Internet but it is a good idea to read labels carefully. Not all oils or mixtures are created equally; some are pure and some have only a minute amount of the actual oil or herb in them so do read the labels carefully so that you will get your money’s worth. The great thing about many of the essential oils made from herbs is that you can use just a drop or two of them for many purposes so even if they seem expensive at the outset this type of herbal home remedies will last for a long time.

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