Herbal Constipation Remedies

Herbal constipation remedies are in plentiful supplies all over the United States. People get so caught up in the go,go,go of life they don’t slow down and take the time for their own bodily needs. Sometimes to just slow down,relax and have a good laugh is enough to get “the urge.” If you have a recurring problem with constipation; try adding prunes to your diet.

Another good remedy is to toss out white bread. The flour(glue) to your system can be replaced with whole wheat which is full of fiber, that your body needs to function with regularity.

Some herbal remedies are flax seeds or fenugreek  mashed;and taken with plenty of water will help you immensely.

Psyllium seeds  are the very same ingredient of over the counter laxatives. Only when you buy them plain; they are much less expensive.

Aloe,buckthorn,cascara sagrada,frangula,and senna are all very strong herbal laxatives and should be taken very sparingly to avoid stomach cramping and distress.

Parade magazine had an article for a mixture of 3 rhubarb stalks,1 cup apple juice, and 1/4 peeled lemon, and 1 tbsp. honey processed  in a blender will make a strong laxative that should be used sparingly.

Every persons system runs differently. For some people, it is normal to have a bm every day,every other day, some  2 times a week, some 3x a day. It will depend on the diet that we eat and the types of foods that you consume.

You need to eat plenty of fruit and fiber with lots of water to have regular bm’s.

Establish a regular time when you can just sit and relax on the toilet. Make this a standard practice and you will regular bowel movements.Never sit and strain yourself. This is why people get hemorrhoids.

Make time in your schedule to get some regular exercise. This will also help you to become regular.

I hope these facts  and herbal constipation remedies are helpful to you.

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2 Responses to “Herbal Constipation Remedies”

  1. just make sure you have lots of dietary fiber in your food and you will be able to reduce the chances of having Constipation.

  2. it is easy to avoid and treat Constipation. Just eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables with fiber in it. Drink lots of water and fruit juices too.