Herbal Anxiety Remedies – Herbs For Treating Anxiety

Herbal anxiety remedies can be taken instead of expensive narcotics just to cure the unwanted sensation of anxiousness if you only know the right herbs to take for it. Yes, you might actually have a stock of medicinal herbs right in your backyard garden and you are not even fully aware of it.
Not only will you save your time from going to the nearest drugstore, but you will also save a great deal of money if you use herbs instead of commercially prepared anxiety drugs. So, now that you are interested, what are the herbal anxiety remedies that you can use conveniently at home?

First of all is the “Kava Kava” or simply Kava. When it is ingested, its leaves are said to be able to minimize anxiousness. If you happen to have this in your backyard, then you can just boil its leaves and drink it. Otherwise, they are commercially yet still affordably available products of this herb. You can avail it in tea form or in capsules. There is also the Humulus lupulus herb or the “Hops”. It is from the Marijuana family, although it does not contain so much addictive substance in it. The positive thing about this herb is that it works similar to the cannabis (typical Marijuana weed) when it comes to soothing the nervous system. However, take note that since it came from the Marijuana family, too much use of this herb might damage the nervous system.

Also, there is the Leonurus cardiac or simply Motherwort. This herb came from the Mint family, and carries the same tingly taste if you prepare it properly. This herb is particularly known for being used by women, especially for the hormonal imbalance periods such as during menstruation cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, and afterbirth. It has a proven effect to stabilize emotions and calm the entire body.

The best thing about these herbal anxiety remedies is that they are also effective in treating extensive anxious effects. For example, some people who are having anxious arousal or the excessive panicking when there are worries end up getting insomnia as well. Because of the general calming effects of these herbs, they are also efficient in inducing easy and smooth sleep for the users. In some herbs, depression can also be prevented. So if you are experiencing a lot of disturbances in your quality of life, just take these herbal anxiety remedies.

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