Depression Herbal Remedies

While depression can be a serious medical condition, there are depression herbal remedies that can be effective for mild to moderate depression. St. John’s Wort has become a famous herbal remedy for depression. You can purchase St. John’s Wort in capsules, tablets, or liquid. Some people use it to make tea. Many people have reported success using this herb and you won’t have to worry about the side effects, some of which are dangerous, of antidepressants. Still, you should talk to your doctor when taking any herbal remedies, especially if you are taking prescription medication or even over the counter medicine.

Millions of people suffer from some form of depression at any given time. While certain forms of depression may be related to a chemical imbalance, other forms of the condition can be treated with behavior modification or counseling. Some people just feel sad and report success using depression herbal remedies. Sam-e, which is naturally produced by the body, is available as an over the counter supplement that many people take to relieve symptoms of depression.

People who do not get enough sunlight often get depressed and do not know why. However, if you or someone you know is in a situation where you do not get enough sunlight, try taking a Vitamin D supplement. People who do not get enough sunlight often suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency and depression can result.

There are other B Vitamins that can have an impact on depression as well. Vitamin B6 is needed to produce certain mood enhancing chemicals in the body and people suffering from a Vitamin B6 deficiency may struggle with depression.

While antidepressants are necessary for some people who suffer from chronic depression, not everyone who suffers a bout of depression needs antidepressants. Depression herbal remedies can often provide the boost you need but it is still a good idea to talk to your doctor about any supplements or herbal remedies you take.

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